personal WORK

a response to a LACK OF RESPONSE
Fun with Words.
Sometimes I amuse myself
A selection of personal projects.
Sci Fi
A collection of art inspired my some of my favorite things
Saturn Devouring His Young
after goya
Various abstract experiments generated using a combination of 3D models created in Cinema 4d followed by editing in Adobe Photoshop
Foreign Emotions.
Part of a series inspired by foreign words that do not translate directly into english.
Goof offs
Doodles for friends and myself
Where the Wild Things Are tribute for Enoch Pratt
This was my contribution to the Maurice Sendak tribute show at Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore. It was an amazing opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Where the Wild Things Are, and to have this piece hanging so close to original Maurice Sendak pieces.
Something is Lost
visual representation of the song Something is Lost by Kashiwa Daisuke
This was completed as an editorial piece for an environmentalist quarterly magazine. They were looking for a piece that convey the influence special interest lobbyists have in Washington. The approach I took was influenced by the economist Milton Friedman who believed that government interference in the free market almost always contributes to the fruition of monopolies.
The Birth of Cool, portrait of Miles Davis
A portrait of Miles Davis using influence from Kandinsky and psychedelic art .
Monk's Dream, a portrait of Thelonious Sphere Monk
Portrait of Thelonious Monk from my jazz portrait series.
65 years.
Victors and victims
Chorus Vol 1.
Illustrated mixtape. For a short while a playlist was provided and these pieces served as both a visual companion to the music as well as featuring lyric sheets to each song. The packaging format was made to emulate a vinyl record sleeve to give the audience the tangible experience of possessing a portfolio of album art for the digital music that accompanied it.